Rocks for Sigi

Sigi loved a ceremony. She loved the process of being thoughtful and intentional, and she loved people coming together to participate as unified humanity.

In this spirit, we would like to invite you to bring a rock to Sigi’s Celebration of Life.

Rocks can represent so many experiences. They can be smooth, with rough edges worn away from much water streaming over them in a river. They can be jagged, cut from rock walls in the earth. They can be nearly white, or totally black. They can seem to sparkle like diamonds when light refractions hit them. They can be massive and nearly immovable. Or they can be as small as a pearl. 

Maybe it’s a rock from a certain place you loved. Or Sigi would have loved.
Maybe it’s a rock that reminds you of Sigi in some way.
Maybe it’s a rock that you simply picked up in your back yard.
… Maybe you don’t have a rock yet, but you can start thinking about it now.

That’s exactly what would make Sigi smile, to see you engaging your heart with your world around you, and to have a collective group of people doing the same exercise. To her, this was spirituality… to engage with this remarkable earth and the souls that call it home.

We invite you to bring that rock to her celebration, where we will have an area designated in her memory. It will never move from that place, and will forever signify your love for Sigi.


Please register and rsvp here to let us know if you're coming!



Om El Arab 2020 Conformation Clinic is POSTPONED

Please note that the 2020 Conformation Clinic is now postponed. With the slow progress of COVID-19 in California, we feel it is the best decision given the uncertainty of the upcoming few months. We'll announce dates as the impact of the virus shows a safe window of opportunity.   *******     Learn Arabian Horse Conformation Once and For All.   Om El Arab Proudly Presents THE CONFORMATION CLINIC 2 Days of In-Depth Teaching

#WearingSigi Bracelets & Contest at Scottsdale!

We wanted to, once again, include Sigi in this year's Scottsdale Show. Join in the social media fun by stopping by our booth (located two tents down from the Scottsdale Signature Stallion booth at Wendell Arena), grabbing your special #WearingSigi bracelet, and participate in our annual photo contest. Here's how to play! Stop by the Om El Arab booth at Wendell Arena (next to the Scottsdale Signature Stallion booth) and grab your free bracelet.