Testimonials :: Om El Arab International



"I can't thank you enough at this time.  It was very difficult for me to have to call you today.  Some dreams have to wait, but I was not planning on it being my opportunity to have a WH Justice foal. I know it will work out and I'll make certain we keep in touch.  You are amazing.  I can't imagine doing business with such wonderful individuals with such integrity.  God Bless you, Thank you again."


"Sigi and Janina’s vision for the Arabian doesn’t just include intensifying the beauty of the breed, but emulating the Arab’s intelligence, charisma, movement, intrinsic friendliness and willingness to please. While their horses speak for themselves, it is important not to let the way they choose to run their farm slip into the background. Both Sigi and Janina conduct themselves with a kind and compassionate attitude which is driven by their passion to spread the joy that the breed can bring to people. This attitude has given me the chance to fulfill three of my own dreams; ones I previously thought unattainable. This integrity and genuine excitement for the breed shine through in every Om El horse."

Sabrine Koudmani