Apprentices from many countries have come to our farm over the past forty years to gain experience.  These apprentices are involved in all aspects of the management of the farm, and experience first-hand, the myriad of activities on a full-service facility.  Though we are primarily a breeding farm, we also show at several large shows each year, and start some horses under saddle.  The breeding activities involve stallion, mare and foal management.  We collect and ship chilled semen across the country.  We collect, freeze and ship semen around the world.  We foal out some 20 - 25 mares each year.  Apprentices are involved in all aspects of teasing, breeding, foaling and foal management.  Depending on experience and aptitude, they can handle some of the stallions.  Considerable conditioning and training is involved in preparing horses for shows and marketing, our apprentices are involved throughout the process.  We start several horses under saddle each year.  Those apprentices with considerable riding skills can help start and ride the horses out into the adjoining hills and farmlands.

We encourage interaction between our apprentices and visitors, and they are involved in all of our presentations and events.


Our farm and breeding program is known as Om El Arab International.  It began in Germany in 1970 as "Om El Arab".  During the early 1980's most of the breeding program was relocated to Santa Ynez, CA, and became known as "Om El Arab International".   Since the early '70s this breeding program has produced many of the world's most successful show and breeding stock.  Om El Arab bloodlines are found in prominent breeding programs in every country where Arabian horses are bred.

The farm is located on 62 acres in the Santa Ynez Valley, which is often referred to as the "Valley of the Arabian Horse".  We manage about 100 Arabian horses throughout the year.  Each winter we farm about 45 acres in forage hay.  The land is used for this crop for half of the year, and then horses are turned out onto the fields for the other half of the year.

Due to the long-term success of our breeding program we regularly receive visitors from all corners of the globe, approximately 1000 per year.  We host functions on the farm, such as the well-received "Arabian Breeders Celebration".


We feel that our farm provides an enriching experience for serious minded equine enthusiasts considering a career in the horse world.  They get real-world experience on a farm well known around the world for world-class Arabian horses and first class professionalism. Because this is a family business, they too become "family" and are a source of enrichment to our lives as well.


Happy Holidays from Om El Arab!

Wishing you a blessed holiday season from our family to yours!

Om El Sultanah & Om El Benicio | Tulsa 2020

We are so proud to have two homebred horses competing in both Senior Mares and Senior Stallions! Our beautiful Om El Sultanah (see below) will be competing for us with Andrew Sellman in Senior Mares. And Om El Benicio, now proudly owned by our good friend Diane Brown of Antheia Arabians, will be competing in Senior Stallions with Sandro Pinha. Please join us in cheering them both on!